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Pobuca is a customer experience platform that is built to convert returning, satisfied to loyal ambassadors. Gain access to our loyalty program solution and build your audience!

Map your customers’ journey and trends, engage with them in all sales and marketing channels, reward loyalty and predict future buying behaviors.

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    Our success path.

    Get to know your customers

    Create unified customer profiles based on all stages of the customer journey and consolidate diverse deep data into a single customer view.

    Increase engagement

    Target the right customer with the right message at the right time via personalized campaigns and preferred channels.

    Reward your customers

    Gain loyal customers by rewarding them for in store and online purchases, special events and actions throughout the customer journey.

    Predict future shopping behaviours

    Segmentation & AI analysis

    Use customer data, such as campaign interactions, activity on your website or mobile app, interests or social data, demographics, shopping behavior and send the right content to the right person.

    Loyalty 360

    Get a 360-degree view of your customers by having real-time access to your data through pre-built reports, dashboards and analytics.

    Artificial intelligence

    Using AI we utilize Machine Learning models to suggest customer segments based on their recorded behavior and activity history

    Our projects

    Where our technical expertise meets your business projects.

    Case studies

    Find out more about our success stories and how our customers made the most out of our services.


      February 19, 2020 Vodafone

      It reliably supports the daily needs of consumers and businesses and actively contributes to the economic and social development in Greece.

    • KAFKAS

      February 18, 2020 kafkas

      In light of its constant development, Kafkas S.A. needed an effective customer relationship management system (CRM).

    • Schneider Electric

      February 10, 2020 Schneider

      "i-NRG4U reward program. 70 POS covered produced 1000+ registrations, from diffused markets".

    • VERO SA

      February 10, 2019 Vero sa

      "An omnichannel approach, introducing, not only a traditional card, but also a mobile app and a microsite".

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