CX through digital touchpoints

Leverage AI technology to upgrade your services and offer an omnichannel and innovative customer experience via digital touchpoints. Identify, monitor, and track customers across all steps of their journey and provide them with an exclusive CX.

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Key digital touchpoints


Push media with advertising messages, paid advertising campaigns on Facebook, Google Ads, or other channels.


Website and natives, brochures, through email, SMS, Viber, push or FB notification and Pobuca chatbot.


Test reports, reviews and recommendations by customers, editorials, word-of-mouth, etc.

Website interaction tools

Chatbots, etc.

Case studies

Find out more about our success stories and how our customers made the most out of our services.


    February 19, 2020 vodafone

    It reliably supports the daily needs of consumers and businesses and actively contributes to the economic and social development in Greece.


    February 18, 2020 kafkas

    In light of its constant development, Kafkas S.A. needed an effective customer relationship management system (CRM).

  • Schneider Electric

    February 10, 2020 schneider

    "i-NRG4U reward program. 70 POS covered produced 1000+ registrations, from diffused markets".


    February 10, 2019 vero-sa

    "An omnichannel approach, introducing, not only a traditional card, but also a mobile app and a microsite".

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