The CX NINJAS club

A VIP community from experts to experts

Welcome to CX NINJAS, a Pobuca initiative, to connect every single one of the CX experts, gurus & enthusiasts out there to an exclusive community!

We aim to create a point of connection, where CX experts, professionals, and tech leaders will exchange knowledge, expertise, and insights, stay up to date with the latest news & trends and shape the CX future.

Why Ninjas?

From feudal Japan to the CX world.

Ninjas were known for being persistent until they mastered their skills and always focused on finding the most efficient way to achieve their goals.

CX ninjas are focused on being innovative, setting & following the trends, listening to customers, and mastering strategic & tech skills to offer a flawless CX.

Upcoming event

ROI workshop: how to turn CX into revenue growth

30th of November 2023, 17.00 (GMT+2)


CX NINJAS glossary

As a CX ninja, you should be firstly equipped with the necessary code words to navigate & communicate with the rest of the pack easily & quickly.


A title of honor for those who are teachers or specialists in their own fields.


A place for experts to train their potential and individual wisdom.


A set of refined, owned, and necessary abilities & mission skills.

topics & trends

Discover and share your thoughts on all the new CX trends, necessary techniques, tools, case studies, and best strategies regarding:

     Customer Experience,
     Customer Loyalty,
     Customer Engagement,
     Technology trends,
     Artificial Intelligence, and
     Customer Service.

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