Our history

As IT enthusiasts and fellow graduate students – Isidoros, Elena, Stavros, and Marilena envisioned a company that would help customers achieve digital transformation by providing them with a complete set of services, from consulting & technical implementation to after-sales support.

This is how SiEBEN, Pobuca’s predecessor, was officially born in 2000.

Pobuca founders

Isidoros Sideridis, Stavros Langousis, Elena Galiatsou, and Marilena Derdelakou co-
founded Pobuca. Their passion for technology, IT science, and the latest market trends, drives their constant search for new solutions that will be harmonized with the latest trends of the digital era.

CEO journal

Isidoros Sideridis

Isidoros Sideridis is the CEO and co-founder of Pobuca. Isidoros managed to turn the company into a CRM, productivity, and cloud solutions headliner in Greece and the Balkan region.

Elena Galiatsou

Elena Galiatsou

Elena Galiatsou is the COO and co-founder of Pobuca. Elena is responsible for the development of strategies and procedures for both the company’s internal operation as well as for the clients.

Marilena Derdelakou

Marilena Derdelakou

Marilena Derdelakou is the People and Culture Director and co-founder of Pobuca. Marilena is responsible for the company’s PMO, as well as developing the company’s culture and values.

Stavros Langousis

Stavros Lagousis

Stavros Langousis is the CTO and co-founder of Pobuca. Stavros has over 20 years of experience in the market while he is specialized in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and data analytics.

Our recognition & awards

As an awarded trusted advisor of Microsoft technologies, Pobuca empowers digital transformation through a complete set of services, from consulting and technical implementation to after-sales support, unlocking business value.

Where is Pobuca located?

Pobuca is an international business solutions provider with a portfolio of 3,000 businesses, from 85 countries around the world that are using its innovative products and solutions.

The company’s global clientele includes Qatar Foundation International, Benchmark Broker Insurance, Foresight, BTEE SA, Bay Area Circuits, Synergo, Dbrain, Novocomedy, Quantek Consulting.




London, UK

207 Regent Street W1B 3HH

Operations & R&D

Athens, Greece

General Registry No: 4000801000

3 Aristomenous St. 15344

Patras, Greece

 5 Gounari St., 26221



Buenos Aires, Argentina

El Salvador, 5218


Dubai, UAE

PO Box 326737

Our investors

Raising funding by growing our value. Pobuca prides itself to be a bright scale-up example as has already raised a 7M EUR funding since 2016. Funding is being diverted to areas and activities related to extroversion, technology innovation, AI operations enhancement, R&D activity, as well as the company’s global footprint within the frame of its expansion in foreign markets.