Drive better business decisions

Use customer behavior analytics to identify opportunities and drive better business decisions across your organization. Turn big data into actionable insights and monitor the right performance indicators to optimize your strategy and profitability.



Grow your business by analyzing deep data, sharing AI insights, and keeping the metrics in one place- updated in real-time, across all devices.

Live dashboards

Keep your dashboards updated in real-time by streaming data from factory sensors, social media sources, service usage metrics, and much more.

Customizable BI

Customize your Power BI report, picking your preferred visual theme from the visualizations panel, and present data in a way that fits your business best.


Publish, edit, update, share, and un-share your visualizations in blog posts, websites, emails, or social media on any device.


Collaborate with your colleagues on dashboards, reports, and datasets to create apps with the help of Power BI app workspaces.

Power BI mobile

Take profit of the Power BI advantages by leveraging mobile apps set for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 mobile devices.

When are facts and figures meaningless?

Data and figures alone cannot stand and they are meaningless if you can’t gain valuable insights that lead to more informed actions. Let’s explore the different types of analytics.

Type of analytics


Assess standard, industry-related performance metrics and KPIs regarding your customer engagement strategy and loyalty program, as campaign performance indicators, website analytics, loyalty performance metrics, and survey reporting.


Leverage the power of Machine Learning Clustering techniques to segment your customers and gain additional insights to boost your marketing campaigns and loyalty programs, such as ROI analysis, fraud analysis, loyalty KPI’s and basket analysis.

Learning toolkit

Access a toolkit with powerful Machine Learning algorithms that allow you to reveal patterns & project customer behavior to make cross-sell & up-sell recommendations, reduce the churn rate, or even succeed in early VIP detection.