CX & Shopping malls


Let your tenants offer a seamless
Customer Experience & Loyalty program


Support shopping malls, shopping centers, plazas & their tenants to offer exceptional Customer Experience and increase customer engagement through loyalty and coalition loyalty programs that unite multiple brands/tenants under one roof, allowing members to access an online marketplace, with exclusive offers & vouchers, earn points and redeem them. 


Mastering the Shopping mall's challenges
with Pobuca Experience Cloud

Get the right
customer data

With no convenient way to identify in-store customers, shoppers remain anonymous, thus preventing any meaningful personalized experience to assure loyalty, retention, and subsequently revenue increase. 

Identify & target
specific segments

Identifying personas and dominant customer segments allows you to differentiate your approach. This can be very challenging when there is no way to capture customers’ data and visits.

Offer a seamless

Introducing a unified solution for all tenants to offer customers a consolidated shopping experience can be a very tricky task for shopping malls.

People walk in a shopping center

Next-generation Loyalty for Malls

People walk in a shopping center

Private mall clubs

A private mall club (tiered and/or subscription-based), where members can access a set of benefits & vouchers.

Experiential Loyalty program

A tiered Loyalty program, where members will be rewarded for selected interactions with the mall (visits, contests, missions, activity on social media, etc.).

Holistic Loyalty program

A tiered Loyalty program, where members will be rewarded for every interaction & in-store purchase at the tenants’ physical stores.

Engage your customers under one roof