Rewarding with Pobuca Loyalty Marketplace

colorful bags paced inside shopping carts

Discover new partners and enable any transaction in your own loyalty currency. Turn unused loyalty points into your strategic tools that will nurture your long-term customer relationships and build customer lifetime value.      

Incentivize your customers to redeem their loyalty points; members who recently redeemed for rewards have satisfaction levels x2.5 higher than those who never used them! 

colorful bags paced inside shopping carts

Giving customers more selections and freedom
in using their Loyalty points

Focusing on infrequent buyers can significantly boost their purchase frequency and basket size with the right incentives. Viewing loyalty schemes as an investment, not a cost, is crucial, as customers who redeem rewards tend to spend twice as much. 

For businesses unable to offer direct rewards, joining the Pobuca Loyalty Marketplace offers a viable alternative, leveraging an extensive network of affiliations to enrich customer incentives and enhance engagement.

Multiple redemption opportunities

Create loyalty partnerships with complementary brands.

Incentivize loyal customers to redeem, making them feel more satisfied and closer to your brand.

 Build a network of partners that turn unused Loyalty points into assets – not liabilities.

Acquire customers and partners

Acquire customers by being a redeem touchpoint for other Loyalty programs.

Create a  new revenue source by redeeming Loyalty points from partners.

  Strengthen relationships with complementary partners.

Pobuca Loyalty Marketplace features

Pobuca helps you take your rewards scheme one step beyond, by synergizing with other partners and channels and simultaneously increasing customer engagement, by facilitating your loyal customers to redeem their points by selecting the rewards on their own.

Branded to your business

A branded loyalty marketplace  makes your customers to feel always close to your brand.

Exchange points & members

Discover new partners with loyalty programs and enable any transaction in your own loyalty currency.

Access to a gift catalog

Allow your customers to redeem points for selected gifts or to participate in contests.

Convert points to cash


Offer your customers cash in a digital wallet that can be spent on any or selected businesses.

Donate to selected NGOs


Promote your social responsibility by allowing your customers to redeem points to donations.