Provide excellent B2C Customer Experience and retain your customers

Colorful and modern b2c retail stores

Pobuca can help you measure CX, design your CRM strategy and improve it in a loop that will keep you above the competition.

Pobuca offers turn-key solutions to brands and retailers regarding Customer Experience: consulting services and solution design, our award-winning software, Pobuca Experience Cloud, customization services, after-sales technical support, and managed services in marketing. We consider customer loyalty as part of the broader experience and not solely rewards based on transactions.

Brands & retailers will get to know their customers, they will increase customer engagement and reward their loyalty, as well as offer the best possible customer service. All these actions will lead to an elevated and improved Customer Experience for the end customer. 

Colorful and modern b2c retail stores

Pobuca Experience Cloud solutions for B2C

Create unified customer profiles with data gathered across a variety of online and offline marketing channels. Collect and structure real-time data into individual, centralized customer profiles, in one single database that is GDPR-compliant. Understand your customers & predict their needs by unlocking powerful AI insights and creating custom campaigns.

Allow marketing teams to create omnichannel digital campaigns (email, SMS, Viber, mobile/web push notifications, Facebook Messenger campaigns) through one single platform. The campaign’s content, time, and manner can be fully personalized, from a single greeting to different content based on each customer’s persona or preferences or a triggered campaign; the trigger can be even a specific period on the website, a purchase, or even the customer’s location.

Go one step further apart from sending email campaigns and create a loyalty B2C club to increase customer engagement with their customers and reward the most loyal ones. Reward customers not only for the transactions, but also for every action they do that shows brand engagement (respond to a survey, visit a store, refer a friend) through digital coupons and discounts, and experiential gifts.

Connect your Loyalty program with a fully customizable white label Reward Marketplace. A curated collection of rewards, merchandise, exciting experiences, travel options… and much more! Give the freedom of choice to your loyal customers and allow them to redeem their points however they like, in a digital marketplace that includes a variety of partners.

Offer unified Customer Experience using different digital touchpoints and allow customers to manage their profiles, access personalized content, such as offers and coupons, check their points and transaction history get instant answers to their questions, and place orders. The touchpoints can be available in web, mobile, chatbot, and store portals.

Offer great conversational experience through an embedded touchpoint that uses Artificial Intelligence to understand customers’ intent and interact with them in their natural language. Pobuca Virtual Agent is trained with business-specific data and comes with a knowledge base for answer retrieval, moreover, it can assist customers by answering requests 24/7, it can act as a loyalty assistant, and it can receive orders or complete custom tasks.

Deliver personalized digital &  in-store experiences to your customers. Capture and analyze data from your physical stores; identify the loyal customers that visit your stores and offer phygital personalized experiences based on the history of their transactions and their preferences.