We help you get the most out of your CRM & Loyalty projects

Happy & succesful team doing high five.

At the heart of our service lies a dedicated Customer Success team acting as an extension of your business, meticulously managing your Customer Experience (CX) and Loyalty programs and ensuring all vital KPIs are achieved.

With a blend of consulting expertise and operational excellence, we steer your CRM and Loyalty initiatives toward success.

Our approach is tailored and aligned with your unique goals, driving both strategic improvements and practical results through expert analysis, innovative strategies, and hands-on campaign management.

Happy & succesful team doing high five.

What our Customer Success
experts can offer

A succesful team of account managers.
  • We offer you both consulting and operational services for your CX and Loyalty program to ensure the best.

  • We help you make your CRM and Loyalty projects successful with our expert guidance and business support.

  • We evaluate the results and the success of the project, with inputs on modern trends, while keeping the roadmap of the project updated and within budget.

  • We act as your experienced consultants; we recommend and plan initiatives that generate revenue or decrease internal costs.

  • We run the campaigns, oversee all processes, analyze all data, and convert them to business knowledge.

How our teams can achieve
your unique goals

We work with you to understand your goals, design the best solution, implement it smoothly, and measure the results.

Evaluation improvement strategy                                   

    • Propose improvements and new features
    • Recommend new functionality and technology ​
    • Identify users’ needs and modify training material
    • Keep top management updated​
    • Act as CRM director or member of the CRM committee ​
    • Set the next steps & strategy to follow

Data analysis segmentation

    • Propose the right analysis to cover customers’ needs
    • Create profiles and clusters 
    • Define their characteristics
    • Identify opportunities and risks
    • Propose the right, targeted actions
    • Set goals according to their performance and potentialities 
    • Define a clear path of how to achieve goals


    • Preparation of campaign performance reports such as response rate and open rate
    • Business-wide consumer analytics and behavioral reporting
    • Loyalty reports in comparison with previous seasons, set KPIs & ROI

Campaigns management

    • Set up of the campaign
    • Creation of the marketing list (recipients list) based on specific criteria
    • Testing until the campaign meets customer’s preferences
    • Execution of the campaign in alignment with the scheduled plan
    • Monitoring of the campaign progress