Measure Customer Experience & listen to your customers' voice​

Happy employees working on a laptop.

Pobuca uses AI and surveys to analyze customer feedback from multiple channels and calculate key marketing and Customer Service metrics.  

Pobuca Experience Cloud uses the latest AI technology to analyze customer feedback from multiple channels and calculate CX and Loyalty metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Happy employees working on a laptop.

What does Pobuca Experience Cloud allow you to do?

  • Collect and process customer feedback from various sources, such as phone calls, social media, chat, and email, using natural language analysis.

  • Calculate marketing & Customer Service metrics, such as First Time Response, Chat Abandonment Rate, Positive to Negative Social Media Comment Sentiment Ratio.

  • Track agent performance, assess their spoken and written service, and evaluate each agent individually and collectively. Utilize AI the top-performing agent to mentor the others.

  • Listen to your customers’ voices and understand their common pain points, needs, and emotions across different channels.

  • Calculate effectively the final KPIs, such as Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), with precise accuracy.

  • Compare your CX metrics with industry benchmarks and competitor tracking to ensure optimal performance alignment.

How to AI-measure CX & Loyalty
with Pobuca Experience Cloud

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      • AI-powered text analytics, such as Natural Language Understanding and emotion analysis, to mine unstructured customer feedback and extract meaningful insights.
      • AI-powered voice analytics, such as speech recognition and sentiment analysis, transcribe and analyze call recordings and reveal customer sentiment, emotion, and intent.
      • AI-powered recommendations and automation to improve your CX continuously and proactively.
      • AI-powered dashboards and reports to monitor and measure your CX performance in real-time and across multiple channels.

Compliment the AI findings with surveys

AI-powered analysis of natural language feedback can provide valuable Voice of Customer (VoC) insights and CX metrics. However, complementing this with surveys allows for collecting structured, quantitative feedback on customer satisfaction, loyalty, effort, and specific product or service aspects.

Pobuca Experience Cloud simplifies survey creation and distribution with customizable templates. It enables real-time feedback collection, analysis, and tracking in a scalable system. By combining surveys with AI-powered analysis of natural language feedback, you gain a comprehensive view of customer experiences to enhance your CX strategy.