Pobuca Experience Cloud


The ultimate Customer Experience solution

The Customer Experience (CX) is more than simply a nice-to-have feature for businesses, it is a critical aspect in determining their success and profitability. Customer Loyalty, retention, satisfaction, and advocacy are all influenced by CX, which altogether leads to more revenue and lower costs.

How does Pobuca Experience Cloud can grow your business?

Pobuca Experience Cloud is a Customer Experience & Loyalty Management platform that acts as the ultimate single point of truth about your customers and their interactions with your business. Therefore, you can measure your CX, design the right strategy based on KPIs and improve it in a constant loop in terms of Loyalty, Customer Service, and better engagement through personalization. Ιts powerful Customer Data Platform (CDP) is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, offering you a complete CRM ecosystem. 

What makes Pobuca Experience Cloud so special?

We can help you with AI to analyze dark data you already have, turn them into actionable insights to understand customers better, deliver personalized campaigns and loyalty rewards, omnichannel customer service, and empower your people to be more productive by using just-in-time information and effective tools.

Pobuca Experience Cloud consists of 3 offerings:

Measure, Design, and Improve CX & Loyalty.



Assess advanced CX and Loyalty metrics and customers’ valuable interactions and set your benchmarks against competition with AI analysis algorithms.

• CX metrics against industry benchmarks
• Voice of Customer (VoC) insights
• Advanced customer profiling and segmentation
• Advanced analytics & insights
• Customer social interactions analysis (social media, reviews)
• Sentiment analysis (emails, chats, recorded calls)



Make the best out of your measurements, designing your new CX strategy with our CRM and Loyalty experts by your side.

• Consulting sessions with our CX and Loyalty experts
• CX alerts and recommendations
• CRM consulting
• Customer Success Services


Have the right tool to unleash your full CX potential to grow your business through customer satisfaction.

• 360o customer view to know your customers in every touchpoint
• Customer engagement with personalized campaigns and journey mappings
• Tailor-made loyalty programs and rewards
• Omnichannel Customer Service with human and virtual agents

vector showing a customer in front of pc receiving profits from our platform

The economic impact of Pobuca Experience Cloud​

As Customer Experience (CX) becomes a top priority for businesses, it’s crucial to measure the impact of your actions to ensure you’re getting returns on your investments. 

Our platform offers an allin-one solution for businesses to manage customer engagement, Loyalty programs, customer service, and employee experience. Pobuca Analytics calculates your Return On Investment (ROI) in these areas to gauge your digital CX investments and their impact on revenue and profitability. 

At Pobuca, we believe in the importance of measuring the impact of CX on your business. Whether you’re in retail, hospitality, or any other industry,Pobuca Experience Cloud can calculate your ROI and optimize your CX to drive revenue and profitability. 


Leveraging the latest technology to meet the CX demands

We aim to provide your customers with the best possible experiences, and our advanced NLU technology combined with a user-friendly SaaScloud appcan help. 

Our platform is built on top of Microsoft cloud platforms like Azure, Dynamics 365, M365, and PowerBI, allowing us to leverage the best technology available. Weuse Dynamics 365 as our CRM layerwith our CX and Loyalty ads-on to meet the unique needs of your customers. 

Pobuca Experience Cloud as an ISV Cloud Embed solution for Dynamics 365, is easy to be purchased directly from the Microsoft marketplace. 

Customer Experience matters.
This is why.

Great Customer Experience is the key to your business growth and resilience.
According to Gartner’s research, CX metrics and Voice of Customer (VoC) are the top-2 project priorities.


of buyers will pay more for a better
Customer Experience.


of customers walk away just one bad Experience.


increase in profitbality thanks to customer loyalty.

What makes Pobuca so special?

We measure CX and offer VoC insights with the power of AI, by “listening” to customers when they talk and analyzing the hidden treasure of “dark data”.

We offer it in a pure SaaS plan, so the onboarding process is easy and scalable.

We provide a turn-key solution regarding CX, CRM & Loyalty: we first measure, then design and finally improve, creating a CX-driven, ongoing optimization loop.

Our award-winning software is the first choice between the biggest brands to manage and improve their CX.

We combine Loyalty programs with CX, so we can assign otherwise anonymous transactions to customers and calculate more accurately the impact that each CX action has on revenue.