Drive better business decisions with actionable insights

A woman employee working on her computer showing dashboards.

Actionable insights are the pinnacle of your data analytics. As the most precious product of your efforts in data collection, preparation, and analysis, actionable insights have the power to reshape and enhance decision-making processes.

Use customer behavior analytics to identify opportunities and drive better business decisions across your organization. Turn big data into actionable insights and monitor the right performance indicators to optimize your strategy and profitability.

A woman employee working on her computer showing dashboards.

Receive Customer insights with
Pobuca Experience Cloud

Pobuca Experience Cloud offers you a set of Customer analytics that help you improve Customer Experience and Loyalty. Create your own custom analytics to meet specific needs.

What can you get with Pobuca Customer Analytics?

Leverage customer behavior analytics to find, seize opportunities, and make better decisions for your business. You can access various analytics, such as Loyalty KPIs, fraud analysis, basket analysis, RFM analysis, and behavioral analysis.

Optimize your marketing campaigns and loyalty programs with Machine Learning clustering techniques that help segment your customers and gain deeper insights. You can get various reports, such as product recommendations, churn prediction, and Next Best Action (NBA).

Manage and share all analytics easily and use their findings with your colleagues. This collaborative approach is crucial in fostering a data-driven culture within your organization, ensuring you empower every team member to make informed decisions

Customize analytics based on your needs. Build apps with Power BI app workspaces and collaborate with your colleagues on dashboards, reports, and datasets. You can work together on your data and visualizations and share them with your organization. Publish, edit, update, share, and un-share your visualizations in various platforms and formats.

Transform Customer engagement & Loyalty with Pobuca Experience Cloud key analytics

Our platform empowers your business to harness the power of data-driven insights, elevating your marketing strategies and customer relations to new heights.

  • Basket analysis

    Gain insights into purchasing patterns and product associations, enabling effective cross-selling and upselling strategies.

  • RFM Analysis

    Identify your most profitable customers by analyzing how recently and frequently they purchase, and how much they spend.

  • Behavioral analysis

    Understand customer behaviors and preferences, segment them, and tailor your offerings to meet their needs and increase engagement.’

  • Loyalty KPIs

    Measure and understand customer Loyalty to retain your most valuable customers.

  • Fraud analysis

    Detect and prevent fraudulent activities to safeguard your business.

Maximizing business impact with
Pobuca Experience Cloud reporting capabilities

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Utilize Machine Learning to suggest relevant products to customers, increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

Predict which customers are likely to leave and why, allowing you to take proactive steps to retain them.

Determine the most effective next step in a customer’s journey, from content to product offer, and a service touchpoint, to enhance customer relations and value.

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Pobuca Experience Cloud features


Grow your business by analyzing deep data, sharing AI insights, and keeping the metrics in one place- updated in real-time, across all devices.


Keep your dashboards updated in real-time by streaming data from factory sensors, social media sources, service usage metrics, and much more.


Customize your Power BI report, pick your preferred visual theme from the visualizations panel, and present data in a way that fits your business best.


Publish, edit, update, share, and un-share your visualizations in blog posts, websites, emails, or social media on any device.


Collaborate with your colleagues on dashboards, reports, and datasets to create apps with the help of Power BI app workspaces.

Power BI

Take profit of the Power BI advantages by leveraging mobile apps set for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 mobile devices.