Empower your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365

A laptop showing the logo of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, Marketing & Customer Service are intelligent business applications that empower users to create more engaging customer experiences.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 covers your CRM needs and helps you to increase revenues and automate customer-related processes, saving you valuable time and money.

A laptop showing the logo of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365?

A complete set of CRM features are offered through Microsoft and 3rd party add-ons, while integrating seamlessly with the rest of the Microsoft Ecosystem elements, such as Power BI, Cortana, LinkedIn, PowerApps, and Microsoft 365.

Boost employee

The unified system in Dynamics 365 gives employees a single point of reference for quickly accessing, browsing, and finding information.

Increase customer engagement

Dynamics 365 brings all customer data together in one place, allowing organizations to leverage customer insights and create a more personalized experience.


Companies can focus on meeting changing client needs by deploying a range of apps for specific operations like marketing, sales, customer service, and retail.

Why go with Pobuca?

We deliver successfully any complex & demanding project across diversified industries. Our deep knowledge of Dynamics 365, made us extend its core functionality with more features related to Customer Experience and Loyalty.

Microsoft Gold

Pobuca has been a Microsoft Gold Partner since 2003 and twice awarded as the Microsoft partner of the year in Greece, having more than 100 successful CRM projects in its portfolio globally across diversified business industries.


As the CRM leaders in SouthEastern Europe, we offer a complete set of services, from consulting, technical implementation to customization and support services, while automating your business processes in Dynamics 365.

Pobuca Experience

Pobuca Experience Cloud is an awarded D365 software add-on & certified by Microsoft as an integrated system of added value in the D365, distinguishing Pobuca as the only ISV Cloud Embed program MS partner in SE Europe.  

What D365 Solutions we offer


Connect sales teams to customers through their preferred touchpoints with MS Teams and Dynamics 365 Sales, streamline sales cycles through suggested best actions, while predicting and managing pipelines.


Improve your customers’ journey by generating multichannel and personalized marketing campaigns, nurturing sales-qualified leads, and aligning your sales and marketing activities and teams.

Customer Service

Deliver exceptional service on any channel and empower the agents by giving access to an advanced knowledge base, to ensure quick and accurate cases resolution and flawless CX.