Drive better sales with the perfect B2B2C CX strategy

A modern place showing the reselling of b2b2c companies' products

Pobuca can help brands and organizations that reach their end customers through channels to increase loyalty by offering a great Customer Experience.

It helps them measure, design, and improve the end Customer Experience in a way that includes the needs of your channel partners.

Pobuca guides B2B2C companies to unravel the entire system of relationships that influence the end Customer’s Experience and helps them focus on two main connections: company to channel partner and company to end customer.

A modern place showing the reselling of b2b2c companies' products

Pobuca Experience Cloud solutions for B2B2C

CX for channel partners

Offer great Customer Service and directly increase customer satisfaction. The members of the customer service team can have a 360° view of B2B customers and their requests, whether these come from phone calls, emails, or web forms. 

Leverage the power of AI and analyze conversations from all your customer touchpoints to extract Q&As for your knowledge base and engage your Customer Service agents. Pobuca Knowledge enables you to extract Q&As from customer conversations and offer the proper tools to your customer service agents to perform better.

Pobuca Experience Cloud helps sales representatives perform their daily tasks more efficiently, improving their performance and raising the company’s sales. Sales representatives perform order taking, van sales, merchandising, collections, and business development. Our software automates all these tasks and addresses the needs of your organization in the most efficient way.

Take advantage of the AI to understand the customers’ intend and interact with them in natural language across all touchpoints. The Pobuca Virtual Agent can assist customer service by offering 24/7 support– receiving orders, simplifying the process followed by the customers, or completing custom tasks, like booking an appointment with a salesman.

Allow marketing teams to create omnichannel, targeted campaigns (email, SMS, Viber, mobile/web push notifications, Facebook messenger campaigns) and automated customer journeys through one single platform. The campaigns content, time, and manner can be fully personalized, from a single greeting to different content based on each customer’s profile.

Go one step further and create a B2B loyalty club to increase customer engagement and reward your most loyal channel partners and customers. Reward your customers further to their transactions: for every action they do that shows brand engagement. Offer them digital coupons and discounts, or experiential gifts.

CX for end customer/consumer (D2C)

Offer branded touchpoints (web, mobile, and chatbot), where consumers can learn more about the brand and products, access personalized content & offers, or even find answers to their questions.

Leverage AI to analyze conversations from all consumer digital touchpoints and extract Voice of Customer insights.

Allow marketing teams to create omnichannel, personalized campaigns (email, SMS, Viber, mobile/web push notifications, Facebook messenger campaigns) towards your end customers and consolidate their responses in one platform.

Engage consumers in a conversation with Pobuca Virtual Agent for Digital Commerce. Share personal tips & product offers while automating ordering for commodity products.