Build a personalized & effective Loyalty program

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Pobuca’s platform leverages advanced AI and ML technologies to create a personalized and effective loyalty program that enhances the Customer Experience uniquely tailored to your business needs.

By analyzing customer data and behavior, our platform enables you to deliver highly targeted promotions, rewards, and communications that resonate deeply with your customers. This data-driven approach not only ensures relevant and timely interactions but also fosters a deeper connection between your brand and your customers, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

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Pobuca Experience Cloud features

Pobuca Experience Cloud offers top-notch features using AI and ML technologies to help you build powerful and effective Loyalty programs, create brand ambassadors, and increase customer engagement.

360° customer

Create unified customer profiles based on all stages of the customer journey, on demographics and behavioral criteria, and consolidate diverse deep data into a single customer view.


Target the right customer with the right message at the right time via tailor-made campaigns on preferred communication channels, and increase customer engagement, loyalty, and revenue.

Customer loyalty

Gain loyal customers by rewarding them for in-store and online purchases, offering participation in special events, exclusive services, and actions throughout the customer journey.

AI analysis
& metrics

Use customer data, such as campaign interactions, website, mobile app or social media activity, demographics, and shopping habits to send personalized content and predict future behaviors.

data access

Get a 360-degree customer view by having real-time access to your data through pre-built reports, dashboards, key metrics, and analytics to optimize and personalize customers’ journeys.

Give your customers a Loyalty marketplace

Pobuca helps you exceed the rewarding options, involving other partners in the reward system, increasing customer engagement by allowing your loyal customers to redeem their points for the reward of their choice.

Exchange Loyalty

Customers may redeem their points to 3rd party brands.

Gain personalized
gift cards

Customers can receive tailor-made to their preferences gifts.

Redeem options of local or international experiences

Offer a variety of options like sports events, travels, etc.

Offer your customer virtual currency in a digital wallet

Provide the option to spend it through a partner’s network.

Gamify your Loyalty program

Gamification in loyalty programs is a powerful strategy to boost customer engagement, enhance brand loyalty, and increase overall consumer participation.

Customers can either participate directly, for example by filling in a form, or indirectly through their purchases. For example, each xx euros spent give them one participation in the draw. The loyalty program administrator enters the prizes and starts the draw which randomly selects the winners and assigns them the prizes.

Each missions comprises a set of steps that the customer must complete to win. Each step can offer points or other rewards and usually, the completion of the mission offers the biggest reward. You can monitor the progress of the customers in real-time and fine-tune the parameters of the mission.

A tournament is a competition in which all the participants compete in order to win the prizes depending on their final position. They get points independently of the loyalty program and these points accumulate up to the end of the tournament. The player with the most points is the winner but there can be prizes for the second winner and so on. A live leaderboard promotes the competition among players.

We offer a variety of online games that can be played individually or as a part of a mission or a tournament. Some example games are “wheel of fortune”, “get the falling pieces” and many more.

Explore an adaptable solution with
Pobuca Loyalty Essentials

Discover the perfect balance of power and simplicity with the Pobuca Loyalty Essentials program. Exclusively designed for those who crave effective customer engagement without the scale of an enterprise solution. Experience streamlined loyalty management like never before.