Improving your employee

A modern clock showing the time that employee saves when the productivity is boosted with Pobuca services and products

Powerful apps and cloud services brought together with the right adoption and change management will increase productivity and unleash creativity and collaboration across devices.

A modern clock showing the time that employee saves when the productivity is boosted with Pobuca services and products

Mastering your workplace's challenges with Pobuca Experience Cloud​

These are the key challenges to make your workforce more agile, social and global than ever.


People have different backgrounds in technology and different expectations about communication and collaboration tools.

Drive change

People are always reluctant to change their workflows; it is normal, human behavior that takes dedication and time to overcome.


It isn’t only to install, deploy, and activate tools and bots, but to help people adopt them, leverage, and make the most out of the solution.

Set the right

The organization should set clear financial and operational targets to find the best available solutions for a successful transformation.

Finding the right collaboration tool mix

Finding the right combination between the more suitable collaboration tools and the ways to shape people’s perception to adopt it.


Our dedicated tech specialists work with your IT & technical decision-makers for the one-time, single workload solution deployment of the right tools.


Our team of customer success managers works with C-Level and business decision-makers to address the cultural changes driven by technology.

Pobuca Experience Cloud's winning strategy

This is our 3-step approach to change the way you do business.


Identify and prioritize scenarios, check available resources, and set the right business goals as you plan for the rollout of the right collaboration tools for your processes.


Work with key stakeholders to build and launch your adoption plan; test your strategy and approach with early adopters and use feedback to adjust before scaling to business.

Drive value

Check usage and satisfaction by monitoring end-user adoption, measuring and reporting usage, and encouraging ongoing engagement to drive business success.

Our powerful apps for boosting productivity


Keeping content at the center of teamwork and making everything easily shareable and accessible.

Office Apps

 Saving time by enabling co-authoring in familiar apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


Communicating, sharing calendars, files, and tasks easily with your colleagues. 

Microsoft Teams

Making the right teamwork hub for all to connect and collaborate seamlessly.

Power platform

Building solutions, automating processes, and creating virtual agents.

Pobuca Connect

Managing & sharing contacts across devices with co-workers & partners.

Pobuca Experience Cloud's path to success

This is how you can drive success into your workplace.


Define a clear vision of how you want to use your collaboration tools.


Get all the right support from senior leadership to encourage their use.


Make sure to provide the right training, depending on the tool of use.


Let everyone know across the sum of your communications channels.

Contact management pricing plans




  • Shared contact lists
  • Access from any platform
  • Link contacts with organizations
  • Capture email signatures
  • Reminders
  • Import contacts from any source


Starting from 2€

user/month (billed annually)

  • All FREE features
  • Invite external users
  • Team-Based Access
  • Export contacts
  • Tags
  • Custom fields
  • Merge duplicated contacts
  • Self Service Support *

* For Premium Support + €2/user/month


Starting from 8€

user/month (billed annually)

  • All Pro features
  • Access roles & permissions
  • Connect with 3rd party apps
  • Microsoft AD integration
  • Integrate with Zapier
  • Custom features
  • White labeling
  • Premium Support