Generate Voice of Customer analytics

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The customer should be top of mind in everything you do, while you can’t assume you know what your customer wants; to stay ahead of the competition and meet your customers where they are, you have to listen to what they are saying to you and about you, then act fast.

employee receiving data

Turn customer feedback into Voice of Customer (VoC) Insights

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Utilize dark data, your hidden treasure

Why to survey customers, when they already talk to your business through calls, emails, chats and social? Most of the customer feedback remains regarded as “dark data”, that is unstructured data in natural language that was left untouched until now.

Start listening at scale with AI

With the power of Artificial Intelligence, dark data can be turned into a competitive advantage, to understand what customers say in natural language, either voice or text.

Get access to feedback and data

Your customers can give you the best source of real-time feedback. With AI-powered listening, you can diagnose the good, the bad, and the ugly and identify opportunities to create a better customer experience.

customers talking on the phone with employee
graph with Voice of customer data


Analyse every customer touchpoint

graph with Voice of customer data

Pobuca Experience Cloud easily integrates with all the digital touchpoints that customers use to communicate with your business and analyses what they tell you in natural language:

  • call centers,
  • emails,
  • chats,
  • comments in Social Media,
  • reviews,
  • surveys, and
  • forms.


Grow your business with CX alerts

turning data into actionable insights

Should you offer same-day delivery or improve the last-mile experience? Maybe build a mobile app in addition to your web commerce? Or launch a Virtual Agent as a frontline for your customer service? Such answers and many more CX alerts are hidden in tons of dialog data with your customers. Leverage Pobuca Experience Cloud and AI to extract them and then act fast to improve Customer Experience!

turning data into actionable insights