Understand your customers and provide added-value experience, drive loyalty and retention and establish your brand and market positioning.

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How we can help

Helping you analyze your data with AI algorithms throughout your customer’s journey across channels, boosting peer collaboration and optimising brand and campaign management, customer retention  and the sales pipeline.

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End user support

Evaluate call agents on interaction, offered experience and empathy.

360º data access

Centralize your customer information to be shared and accessed from any device.

Omni-channel feedback

Get omni-channel feedback for your products and services optimization.

Sales automation

Automate data entry and use customizable reports to empower your solutions selling.

Sales pipeline

Manage your solution selling pipeline to track the progress of your sales goals.

Customer journeys

Map customer journey and optimize its flow across your platform.


Use AI and machine-learning techniques to prioritize your leads and focus on the most promising distributors, retailers and partners.


Process your big data and ensure that they are secure and GDPR-compliant.



Our tailor-made campaign management solutions can help you build unique long-term relationships using a 1:1 marketing approach.


Drive your orders procedure and the customer experience one step ahead. Receive chat and voice orders from your customers through an AI bot.


Leverage AI technology to upgrade your services and offer better and innovative customer experience via digital touchpoints: web, mobile, bot.

Loyalty program

Customer profile, points & rewards, news, chatbots, follow-ups, promotions.

My account

Personal customer account to access information on purchases and latest transactions and news.

Customer journeys

Map the overall website journey experience and track it across all devices.

Customer service

Evaluate call agents on interaction, offered experience and empathy.

Customer info

Keep your buyers’ contact information, order details, delivery status and communications in one place.


Increase awareness, create seamless visitor experiences and automate customer journeys.


Save time and boost your team’s productivity; create, communicate, collaborate, and get great work done just in one place.


Get insights, predict behaviors, take better business decisions and drive your business growth and new market development with BI.


Brand management

Satisfied customers are more likely to recommend your products, facilitating your brand management and market positioning.

Customer retention

As loyalty programs reward customers for their loyalty, they are more likely to continue using your products.

Margin improvement

When implemented properly, customer loyalty programs can provide a good margin improvement and profit growth for the organisation.

Customer engagement

Loyalty programs increase customers’ level of interaction with your brand, helping them to feel more engaged and connected.


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