Get the most out of your CRM & Loyalty projects

Vector showing the winners of customer Loyalty

Explore best practices and processes, perform customer segmentation and leverage our expertise and successful methodology to ensure that your projects remain on budget and generate revenue.

Our Customer Success consultants will work closely with your team to guarantee the success of your CRM and Loyalty projects.

Vector showing the winners of customer Loyalty

Mastering the key challenges with
Pobuca Experience Cloud

Why do 50% of CRM projects fail?


No knowledge of the latest trends and lack of expertise to create a reliable & custom company roadmap.


Limited or not experienced corporate resources to undertake the design and day-to-day work.

Metrics and KPIs

Lack of knowledge or use of improper success metrics and KPI’s, ROI.

ROI plan

 Lack of financial pattern and prior experience to create a reliable ROI plan. 

Pobuca Experience Cloud solutions

Finding together the best solution to add value to your company and your customers.

Gap analysis

Identify the gap between where you stand now and the solution, helping you step by step to identify the objectives to be met, define the characteristics (business and technical), set proper KPIs, and create a reliable ROI plan.

Customer Success services

Acting as external partners we undertake the day-to-day tasks of the project and ensure that the KPIs and metrics are met.

Pobuca's steps of gap analysis

Helping you build customer engagement.

Corporate objectives

Defining company’s and customer’s objectives both qualitative and quantitative in terms of mission statement, corporate objectives, customer requirements, fundamental KPIs, and time planning.

Best practices

Empower decision-making with the industry’s latest loyalty trends and best practices, potential limitations, preferable characteristics, and type of reward based on your profit and company’s strategy.

Solution characteristics

Defining the loyalty scheme characteristics and setting the metrics on topics such as points ratio, tiers/levels, and performance.

Core processes

Design registration, reward, and redemption processes by optimizing the existing IT infrastructure by leveraging any existing technology and ensuring their seamless integration.

ROI analysis

Reliable ROI calculation projection planning, based on industry-focused ROI patterns and models that include financial data and realistic assumptions on how to change consumer behavior.


Pobuca's Customer Success services

The right tools to address the full scope of customer engagement challenges across all levels.


 Evaluating the results of the solution and identifying the success of the project, with valuable information on modern trends, while keeping the roadmap of the project updated and within budget.


Acting as your experienced consultants, we recommend and plan initiatives that generate revenue or decrease internal costs.


Running the campaigns, overseeing all processes, analyzing all data, and conveying them to business knowledge.