Companies in the insurance industry offering a variety of insurance products including life insurance, property insurance, and several liability insurances.


Customer ecosystem

Create and manage the customers ecosystem.


Customer profile

Create a unified customer profile containing not only demographics data but contracts details as well.



Identify cross selling opportunities and upselling opportunities



Create granular reporting for forecasting reasons


Internal portal

Offer a dedicated portal to brokers and agents in order to be able to watch their commissions and the list of contract.


Unified customer profile & ecosystem

Full list of active customers and contracts, warehouse management, commissions to be paid, authenticated access, lead-opportunity generation tool.



Cross- and upselling opportunities, different journeys for prospect customers, automated marketing campaigns, brokers’ and customers’ loyalty programs.



Opportunity management, quote workflows, full integration with brokers & agents portal, full pipeline reporting, full integration with landing pages and social media ads.


Customer support

CTI capabilities, detailed past activities history (phone calls, emails etc.), automated case assignment.



Contract management

Full contract details, Reminders for close expiration dates, e-signature, approval processes.



Brokers & agents portal

Full list of the active customers and contracts, warehouse management system, commissions to be paid, authenticated access, lead generation tool, opportunity generation tool.



Corporate objectives

Defining company’s and customer’s objectives, both qualitative and quantitative on mission statement, objectives, requirements, fundamental KPIs and time planning.



Best practices

Enhancing decision making with latest loyalty trends and best practices, potential limitations, preferable characteristics and reward types based on profit and company’s strategy.


Solution characteristics

Defining the loyalty scheme characteristics and setting the metrics on topics such as awarded points ratio, loyalty tiers/levels and overall performance indicators.


Core processes

Designing registration, reward and redemption processes by optimising the existing IT infrastructure by leveraging existing technologies and ensuring seamless integration.


ROI analysis

Projecting ROI based on industry–focused ROI patterns and models that include financial data and realistic assumptions on how to effectively influence the consumer behaviour.


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