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Pobuca offers a mobile order management software that empowers sales reps working away from company offices to automate their sales processes. Available on mobile phones, tablets and computers, It offers offline tools, to help sales reps perform their tasks efficiently, increasing sales and productivity. It integrates with the company’s ERP or accounting system, receiving and pushing the necessary data automatically.

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Mobile app features

Merchandising audits

Track company and competition products, perform merchandizing audits, take pictures of products or shelves, design and conduct surveys.

Sales orders

Product catalogues with pictures, purchase and order history, automatic price and discount policies, out of stock notifications, promotional products, product recommendations.


Sales targets, sales rep notifications, customer messages and reminders, route plans with automatic optimization, reports, dashboards and pivot tables, shelf images.

Route planning

Sales reps routes on calendar and map, routing optimization proposals, sales reps visit plan compliance.

Van sales

Sell directly from your van, manage product returns, manage product van stock.

Business development

Create and manage potential customers.


Pobuca can work as a standalone system but you can also integrate it with:

ERP / accounting system

Exchange information about products, prices, discount policies, customers, inventory, orders, visits, leads in real time.

More integrations

Use our existing integrations with Zapier, Zoho, Quickbooks, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV or EXCEL import/export option.

Case studies

Find out more about our success stories and how our customers made the most out of our services.

Case studies


    February 19, 2020 Vodafone

    It reliably supports the daily needs of consumers and businesses and actively contributes to the economic and social development in Greece.


    February 18, 2020 kafkas

    In light of its constant development, Kafkas S.A. needed an effective customer relationship management system (CRM).

  • Schneider Electric

    February 10, 2020 Schneider

    "i-NRG4U reward program. 70 POS covered produced 1000+ registrations, from diffused markets".


    February 10, 2019 Vero sa

    "An omnichannel approach, introducing, not only a traditional card, but also a mobile app and a microsite".

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