Whistleblowing Policy

At Pobuca

We act with honesty, integrity, and fairness in all aspects of our activities.

We expect our employees and partners to always follow the highest standards of professionalism and ethical behavior.

We appreciate the assistance of those who wish to raise concerns that we may need to address by encouraging our employees and others in the workplace to speak up, and ensuring that those individuals are protected from any negative consequence.

We follow the applicable EU legislation for the protection of persons who report violations of EU law, as they apply from time to time.

Our Company wishes to foster a transparent business environment and a high level of business ethics.

Our Whistleblowing Policy can be found here: Pobuca Whistleblowing Policy.

Ways to submit a report

  • Orally, by talking to the Pobuca Report Receiving and Monitoring Officer (RRMO) at +30 2130 179200.
  • By postal mailing an anonymous or eponymous letter to the address of the Company: POBUCA SIEBEN MIKE, Aristomenous 3, 15344 Gerakas, Greece, at the attention of RRMO, marked “Confidential”.
  • By submitting the Whistleblowing Report at this link.