Listening up to your customers; time to scale it up to the digital era 

Listening at scale , dark data

You are sitting on an unopened treasure, with all that your customers really think about your business. It’s about time to leverage AI to unlock it!

Challenging the way we do things – The best in class businesses run recurring surveys on their customers, to learn where they stand in terms of Customer Experience by assessing various CX & Loyalty metrics and evaluate their Customer Service and Voice of Customer insights.

As well-established as a surveying process might be, it can also have a downside not to be neglected, as this could turn out to be a time-consuming, sometimes also intrusive experience for the customers, carrying at the same time a significant uncertainty within its own core. Are these the right customers to get their feedback from? What if the really important customers don’t bother to answer surveys, but want their opinions to be listened to at their own pace, that is the time that they decide to contact your business? 

The hidden treasure – Are we asking the right ones? And if not, where should we be looking out for them? Not that far, actually right at our feet, as we are privileged enough to be living in this omni-channel, “always online” era where most of the customer touchpoints are digital and data is being stored and ready to be processed.

The bad thing is that most of the businesses don’t really know what to do with it since most of the customer feedback remains regarded as “dark data”, that is unstructured data in natural language that was left untouched until now. 

Listening at scale – So, dark data is the problem. Ok, let’s say that you are up to the challenge, ready to throw some serious resources onto it to process all the archived, as well as new, phone calls, emails, chats, reviews and social posts of your customers, while evaluating the responses of your people too.

Problem solved, right?

Nope, as you would be still left with another one, maybe even more bigger, that is to make sure that you would remain unbiased across the process, something much harder than it looks.

Listening at scale is growing into a key differentiator that will define the best in class organizations in the years to come, as the cultural shift from a broadcast mindset to listening takes place and the ultimate objective is for the customer or employee to feel they were heard.

AI time – This is where AI comes at hand, putting processing power and unbiased assessment into the equation.

With the power of Artificial Intelligence, dark data can be turned into a competitive advantage, with solutions such as the Pobuca Experience Cloud, that leverage AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing) to understand what customers say in natural language, either voice or text.

The outcome brings exceptional value to marketing and customer service execs, with zero friction or stress for the customers, by:

  • analyzing all customer communications in every touchpoint (phone, email, chat, social, reviews).

  • segmenting customers based on what they say: brand ambassadors, CX alerts for those that need immediate treatment, and customers that their opinion matters.
  • assessing CX and Loyalty metrics as Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Loyalty Index (CLI) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).
  • analysing customer feedback, it builds Voice of Customer (VoC) insights, like a request for a new product or service.
  • pinpointing the right customers to run surveys, to further optimise CX Metrics and VoC and confirm the AI generated findings by the Pobuca platform.
  • listens to your customer service agents too, engaging them with feedback of how they could improve their business and shares best practices from the most successful agents.
  • continuously analysing customer questions and relevant answers, enhances a knowledge base that could be used by human agents or bots. (for more read this)

The time to make “listening” part of the culture of your company is now, as recent advancements made it possible to unleash the full array of NLP features of Pobuca Experience Cloud; the data is already there, AI will turn them into insights!