The game changer in Customer Service is here

Customer Service Knowledge Base

Customer Service bots have now become a reality for many and is only a matter of time before these 24/7, AI-driven, service agents become the actual frontliners of customer support across businesses.

The real challenge however is still there, as a matter of fact, we are slowly unveiling it as we move on in the Digital Era, having just now managed to see beyond the tip of the iceberg. And it has to do with the ‘’Who’s, rather than the ‘’How’s’’.

Let me share a story that keeps going on over and over in the last 3 years.

Customer: Hi Isidoros, we are very attentive to customer experience and we want to optimize it while reducing our operational costs at the same time. We have therefore thought that the best way to do it would be to integrate AI Bots as a 24/7 frontline for our customer service, what would you think?

Pobuca: Great idea, this is the future indeed, if not the present for some already and will surely unfold your full business potential in the years to come, let’s do it!

Customer: Amazing, let’s go for it then! How long will it take you to build it and what will be the cost?

Pobuca: We can have it ready within a week and the cost is €500 per month.

Customer: Wow, so little? Let’s do it!

Pobuca: Sure, we will be starting effectively, as our tech team will align with your IT for its integration into your systems. Could you also see that we are given access to your Customer Service Knowledge Base to train the bot and make it fully efficient at answering customer support requests?

Customer: A Knowledge Base? Hmm.. we don’t really have one, only some chats and emails here and there.

End of story, time to get back to the challenge, if not obvious already.

It’s a given fact that AI bots can be easily integrated into any system, while they are also fully capable of understanding the customer, as their Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities are excellent nowadays, for us in Pobuca, since 2018 already.

This means that it’s no more a question of capabilities or should we say potential, if we want to talk about service agents, it’s definitely there. It’s only a question of the right data, the knowledge itself that is needed to respond to the customer requests. And the more they will know, the better they can answer and resolve any issues. Just like in organic life, with the human agents: hiring is easy, while onboarding and training is the really hard part!

To play with words a little bit and make an, quite possibly unsuccessful, humoristic attempt only to be appreciated by the Star Trek enthusiasts like myself… It’s not about Data, it’s rather about the data itself. 😲

And we are talking about Big Data here, vast volumes of unstructured information across different platforms and touchpoints that have piled up historically from the beginning of your business.

This is the iceberg that we were talking about in the beginning, the Knowledge Base itself, that will initially feed our AI bots with intelligence, to be fed back to it with processed information by them in the years to come.

And this is a great challenge, to build and maintain a Knowledge Base. It is a repetitive, ongoing, and meticulous task that requires dedication and only a few organizations have already done this with consistency. And it can only get worse, as your customers keep talking, your agents keep resolving, and knowledge is spread in unstructured data like voice calls, emails & chats; who will organize it?

It does ring a bell for AI, right?

With the power of AI you can process all these big, dark data as they are called, data that already exist, like voice recordings from call centers, emails, chats, social media posts, that no human could process because of their volume and get wasted.

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And this is why I am really so proud that with Pobuca Knowledge  we can solve this problem, staying at the forefront of innovation on a global level: by leveraging AI to analyze conversations from all customer touchpoints and building a Knowledge Base to train a customer service bot.

And not only that, as Pobuca Knowledge constantly analyses new Q&As updating the Knowledge Base with new content that originally comes in natural language. In a synergy of AI’s; AI with the skillset to analyze dialogs is training another AI with the skillset to serve customers – isn’t this wonderful? 😊

In the new AI world those restless voice or chatbots will play a key role in customer service. This is why our utmost focus would be to make sure that we can organize knowledge in our businesses to further improve the Customer Experience, with a bot that is resolving customer issues 24/7.