A milestone year arrives for Pobuca HR

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Pobuca HR’s annual report in a challenging year as 2020 and the 2021 roadmap, for a year that is expected to be a milestone for the company.

Athens, December 16, 2020 – A year of increased demands is coming to an end, with the HR Management of Pobuca making the report of the actions of 2020, presenting at the same time the central axes of its planning for the coming year.

In a year full of challenges for the workplace, Pobuca HR has been at the forefront, along with human resource departments globally, inputting an effort to absorb the shocks of the abrupt transition to the work from home era, both in terms of the company’s operational readiness, as well as human resources in a professional and personal level. In the first phase, and in a very tight timeframe, the procedures around the functionality of the newly induced WFH model were reorganized, while in terms of supporting Pobuca employees, the following online activations followed during the year:

  • Pobuca values ​​’workshops, in which employees were divided into groups where Pobuca values were presented and evaluated, and at the end videos were created for each one, with the best effort being awarded.
  • Virtual coffees, 20 minutes of HR coffee break with each colleague separately, to discuss any issues of concern throughout this period.
  • Virtual drinks, online social events on Friday afternoons for the whole company.
  • Virtual games, game nights
  • Secret Santa, with the gifts being sent to the home of every Pobuca employee, along with the virtual unboxing party.

Regarding the HR roadmap for 2020-21, it has been divided into the following axes:

  • Values; instilling Pobuca guiding values, such as responsibility, excellence, innovation, and respect in the daily life of the company.
  • Culture; implementing initiatives that maintain and enhance aspects of Pobuca culture that are a competitive advantage, while listening to the views of employees through 1-1 meeting with HR, researches and surveys on the topic, and ongoing virtual coffees.
  • Development; defining clear career and development paths in clear KPIs & continuous feedback with the use of engagement surveys, educational activities and new programs and certifications, as well as voluntary collaborations (guilds) between colleagues for their further professional development, as well as mentorship programs for new employees’ advancement.
  • Improving the business and employer brand; attracting the best talents from the market, while launching the Employee Referral Program and improving a series of internal recruitment processes.

“In a year that no one is about to forget, we are proud to have managed to meet the very demanding conditions that overturned our daily work routines in such a short time or period. Through 2020’s activities, we managed to sustain the human contact and the good climate in our company, having at the same time safeguarded our employees’ good health by applying for almost universal work from home even before the start of the first lockdown, which continues to this day” stated Ms. Marilena Derdelakou, People and Culture Director of Pobuca.