A strategic partnership between Pobuca and Hatzi Filax Group for the technological support of CX training programs with the Pobuca Experience Cloud

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As part of a strategic partnership with Hatzi Filax Group, Pobuca undertakes the technological support of the company's training programs with Pobuca Experience Cloud, in the direction of a holistic approach to the formation of Customer Experience, combining cutting-edge technology with the use of artificial intelligence.

Athens, May 31, 2022 – The strategic partnership between two leading companies in the Greek market in the formation of Customer Experience (CX) has been announced, namely Pobuca, a pioneer in the development of CX applications since 2016, and Hatzi Filax Group, a training, and development group specializing in to help employees and businesses to uncover and “unlock” their skills and abilities in the human resources, to create successful businesses and to achieve personal development, across the direction of a holistic approach to the formation of Customer Experience that combines cutting-edge technology with the use of artificial intelligence and the most innovative and targeted training programs for human resources.

This collaboration aims at a combination of training on the corporate culture around CX and the adoption of the most modern technology for the further enhancement of the Customer Experience. Its goal is the introduction, familiarization and finally integration of customer-centric culture in the DNA of companies and organizations, about the ways of managing and shaping Customer Experience (CX), with the technological support of the most innovative platform for optimal results, the Pobuca Experience Cloud platform, a platform that utilizes applications that are based on Microsoft technology, being recognized and recommended by Microsoft worldwide.

“We are always pleased to expand our partnerships with companies being focused on technology and Customer Experience, aiming to offer added value for our customers. It is a great pleasure and honor for us to proceed to such an innovative collaboration for the Greek landscape, with an excellent organization such as Pobuca, through which we will contribute to the further Development and Sustainability of large Greek companies, with a Customer-centered approach and a Customer Experience culture “, stated Ms. Hatzi Skeyofylakas, CEO of Hatzi Filax Group.

“Every new strategic partnership fills us with pride for the important steps forward that we continue to take all these years. For a Greek company that is established at the top of the Customer Experience worldwide, the momentum that our cooperation gives with an ambitious and dynamic Greek company such as the Hatzi Filax Group is yet another important step. “Pobuca is moving forward with this collaboration with Hatzi Filax Group, in the direction of a holistic approach, reshaping the Customer Experience in human resources training programs, combining state-of-the-art technology with the use of artificial intelligence”, stated Mr. Isidoros Sideridis, CEO of Pobuca.