Pobuca and Satori Analytics join forces

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Satori will offer Pobuca Experience Cloud to its customers, while Pobuca will use Satori’s advanced customer analytics services in CX and Loyalty projects

Athens, February 22nd, 2022 – Pobuca announced its partnership with Satori Analytics, an ambitious company in the area of data-driven CX, in a synergy that aims to join forces into a common vision, giving clarity in decision making through data analytics. 

The synergy of Pobuca and Satori aims to further enhance their solutions to deliver deep insights and automate the entire process of using data to drive decisions, whilst at the same time lowering the cost of ownership and optimizing performance.

Satori Analytics is a fast-growing company in the areas of data technology and artificial intelligence (Data & AI). The word “Satori ” describes the state of mind where the thought is crystal clear. This is exactly the mission of the company: to support its customers to gain clarity before making important decisions, aided by data utilization and artificial intelligence. Since its founding in London in 2015, Satori has been able to add world-renowned companies to its clientele, employing more than 45 certified scientists in specialties such as cloud computing architects, data engineers, data scientists, and CRM technologists.

Satori is an Analytics Agency consisting of teams of data scientists, analysts and software engineers that deliver data-driven, innovative solutions to global brands across industries, from custom big data infrastructures to machine learning models. Satori services cover the whole data lifecycle from ingestion and pre-processing to analysis and production from Advanced Analytics (ML&AI, NLP, and simulation) and Customer 360º (data-driven personalization, Loyalty management, and customer retention) to Data Management (Cloud, on-premise, and data monetization).

As part of its strategic partnership with Pobuca, Satori will undertake the supply and resale of Pobuca Experience Cloud with its Loyalty, customer engagement, and Customer Service features, further facilitating the company’s customers in Greece and abroad to be served promptly and efficiently. Pobuca will use Satori’s customer analytics services to offer further CX and Loyalty value to its clients.

The reselling partnership of Pobuca Experience Cloud by Satori enhances even further the positioning, reliability, and after-sales dynamics of Pobuca Experience Cloud worldwide.

“We are very happy to enter this strategic partnership, as yet another one important step forward that we continue to take all these years. Our cooperation with Satori Analytics, an ambitious and dynamic Analytics Agency moves us forward along our quest to measure, design, and improve the Customer Experience of brands and retailers”, said Mr. Isidoros Sideridis, CEO of Pobuca.