Pobuca launches CX NINJAS, the first CX Community in Greece.


CX NINJAS has been launched by Pobuca, to become the 1st Greek CX Experts Community. aiming to network CX enthusiasts all around Greece to share thoughts, exchange knowledge, monitor all the current trends and news about CX.

Athens, November 10, 2022 – Pobuca announces the launch of the CX NINJAS, the 1st Greek CX Experts Community. aiming to network with CX experts and enthusiasts all around Greece, as well as across the globe, to share thoughts, exchange knowledge and follow the latest trends and news about CX.   

CX NINJAS will be a CX VIP community that aims to create a single point of reference in Greece, where CX experts, professionals, and tech leaders will exchange knowledge, expertise, and insights, stay up to date with the latest news & trends, and shape the CX future. 

This new CX community aspires to become the place in Greece for CX professionals and enthusiasts to discover and share their thoughts on all the new CX trends, the new techniques, best tools, case studies, and best strategies for Customer Experience, Customer Loyalty, Customer Engagement, Technology trends, Artificial Intelligence and Customer Service.   

“We in Pobuca are no less than genuinely thrilled to be kicking off this new initiative of ours, CX NINJAS, the first Greek CX network, an exclusive, growing, innovative community of CX experts and enthusiasts that will share their thoughts around CX and have the access to a network with the rest of CX NINJAS on a global scale, helping each other become the new, digital CX…senseis,” said Mr. Isidoros Sideridis, CEO Pobuca.