In conjunction with the recent upgrade of its website services, the organizing authority of the football championship will be integrating business intelligence and analytics technologies for its football data stats through Pobuca & Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

Athens, April 14, 2020 – Pobuca (formerly SiEBEN), the fast-growing Customer Experience (CX) scale-up company, undertook the task of integrating Database & Business Intelligence technologies for Super League, with the aim of transitioning the organizing authority of the Greek football championships to the digital era of data analytics.

Through the Pobuca Platform that is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its processing and analysis capabilities, Super League will be provided to the football clubs a multitude of data that could help to even better target their strategic marketing and maximize their sources of income.

With football championships being a great source of big data, containing an abundance of useful information about the football industry, the new platform will process and analyze all the related information on professional footballers playing in the Greek league, such as transfer details, performance statistics, clubs ranking, as well as any information located on the scoresheet and further process them with business intelligence and analytics techniques to be easily shared out to the interested stakeholders.

Pobuca platform has also made the necessary configurations so that, in addition to the above processing and storage of data, an upgraded and integrated customer-centric experience will be offered to Greek fans through the Super League website, fully adapted to their requirements. Moreover, to address the increased needs for quickly processing results during the live match action and optimize user experience, the Pobuca platform has been further empowered by incorporating top-notch technologies, such as Microsoft Solution Dynamics 365, Azure, and PowerBI.  

This new platform system is a clear step towards the future for Greek football, aspiring to make Pobuca a partner in the Super League of Innovation and High Technology, providing high value-added services across the country’s football championships.

“In recent years, significant efforts have been made to modernize Greek football. Pobuca, as a company with a clear focus on new technologies and their adoption to modernize the country’s structures, could not fail to be present in this effort. The specialization of our company is the management and improvement of the consumer experience, with the sports fans being undoubtedly a category with several peculiarities. Our vision is to offer the top technologies of the future and our know-how to every organization and every organizing body, both domestically and internationally. We stand by the organizing authority of the Greek Super League with our common mission to gather and process data from all domestic championships and help make the best decisions. We love sports and we want to give the football teams the tools to process their data and improve their services to their fans, ” said Mr. Isidoros Sideridis, CEO of Pobuca.