Three great distinctions for Pobuca, at the first UX|CX Awards


Pobuca received two golds in the categories "Best Customer Experience during a Crisis", "Best CX Initiative for Social Impact and Sustainability" and a bronze in the category “Best in Fashion & Beauty”.

Athens, November 8, 2022 – On Wednesday, November 2, the first-ever UX | CX Awards ceremony took place in a festive atmosphere, with the presence of 200 representatives of companies and institutions. This specific institution was organized for the first time, with the aim of highlighting innovative and effective practices, projects, and technologies that create unforgettable digital customer experiences and place them at the epicenter of all the activities of the business or organization. The ambition of the awards is to complete the platform through which the world of UX/CX will present the developments in the field of customer/user experience, contributing at the same time to the overall upgrade of CX in our country. 

The awards resulted from the evaluation process of the nominations by the jury, which included 45 representatives of companies, institutions, and academics, with the main Award Sections being UX/CX Transformation & Strategy per Industry, CX Initiatives & Practices in Customer Lifecycle and, Best Use of Digital CX solutions & UX Implementations.  

Among the great winners of the night is Pobuca, with the three following distinctions for its platform, within the context of its collaboration for Coca-Cola’s “Empowered” program, as well as “” with Happy Online on behalf of LD Trading. 

  • Gold award, in the category “Best Customer Experience during a Crisis”, for Coca-Cola’s “Εmpowered” program. 
  • Gold award, in the category “Best CX Initiative for Social Impact and Sustainability”, for Coca-Cola’s “Empowered” program. 
  • Bronze award, in the category “Best in Fashion & Beauty”, for the “” program in collaboration with Happy Online on behalf of LD Trading. 

“Our satisfaction for our participation, together with 200 other representatives of companies and institutions, in the first-ever awarding ceremony of the UX|CX Awards, an institution that highlights all those who create innovative and easy-to-use CX experiences, adding value and upgrading the services provided, has turned into nothing less than sheer pride for our 3 awards and filled us with enthusiasm to continue creating added value in our CX solutions, for the benefit of consumers and companies.”, said Mr. Isidoros Sideridis, CEO Pobuca.