FMCG & Loyalty: how to bridge the gap

FMCG webinar Banner for D2C Loyalty

It’s time for FMCG brands to manage & achieve the same level of customer Loyalty as brands that connect directly with their end customers.


Join our 30min webinar on March 15th,  2023 at 12.30 PM,  to answer the following challenging question that every FMCG marketer has…

How FMCG brands may provide their customers with a unique and personalized experience and a D2C Loyalty program, fully independent of the physical store from where the customer purchases the product?

Chryssa Kefala and Lefteris Kavalieratos will share with you all the necessary practical knowledge to help you close the gap between FMCG and Loyalty.

*The webinar will be conducted in Greek.


Watch the webinar: