7+1 tips to boost team motivation

tips for team success

There could be times when all the right collaboration tools are there, so is the team’s skillset, yet magic doesn’t seem to happen and you don’t exactly know where to look, tools or people.

Well, it’s the people, stupid. It’s always the people.

You can bring together the best tools for the way people work today, combine them with the best-in-class apps and powerful services, and have this engine of yours fully set up and ready for success, yet nothing will happen if you will be missing one thing.

The sparkle.

The motivation, the right kick that will put things into motion and keep them moving when obstacles arrive.

So, let’s leave all these great tools aside and put some serious time and effort into our most critical asset; ourselves.

Check here are some great tips to find this sparkle and help keep your team motivated.

    1. Recognition – Acknowledge your people’s hard work, not only the great achievements, but also these tedious, time-absorbing things, these boring jobs that no-one undertakes, but somebody does at the end of the day. Keep in mind that recognition is not about rewards and bonuses, rather than an expression of meaningful interest to your team.
    2. Be transparent and fair – Relationships are built on trust. Make sure to keep the team’s communications and workflows as transparent as possible, so that everyone will be working with the same information. Trust to be trusted; a team that trusts you will be more motivated and engaged with their work.
    3. Share a common vision – Success comes when you can envision it. Share this with your people, providing a clear objective and you’re already more than halfway there. 
    4. Be clear and concise – To keep your motivation ongoing, it’s crucial that you actually understand what your goals and objectives are. Make sure that your overall vision substantiates into a very clear and concise mission for everyone to get motivated about in the first place.
    5. Give autonomy – Discuss with your team what needs to be done, break the work into tasks with clear deadlines for everyone, and let them decide how they will organize themselves around this. Giving autonomy to your team reduces micromanagement and could very likely unleash its full potential.
    6. Work as a team – Think about how you’re structuring your work environment: does it encourage teamwork, or does it limit interactions amongst employees? If you’re not giving employees an opportunity to work cohesively, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. There are many ways you can improve peer relationships—one of which is peer recognition and rewards.
    7. Be there for each other – Make your people feel secure, stand up for them, and show them that you are sharing a common interest. Once employees feel secure, they’re more likely to be motivated to reach, and further stretch their potential.
    8. Reward creatively – Rewarding employees for their hard work is a motivational rule that nearly goes without saying. Annual bonuses are a common way many employers reward employees but could be many times perceived as routine, disappointing, or unfair can even damage motivation in the workplace. Providing smaller, more consistent rewards is a great way to boost motivation consistently over time.