Elon Musk's bold vision for xAI

Elon Musk image by midjourney ,made with style by Steve Dillon

Yesterday, in a live audio session on Twitter, Musk explained his plans for his newest venture, the artificial intelligence startup xAI. This is the strongest vision I have ever heard and I am thrilled to tell you why this vision is so important for humanity.

Here is a summary of what he said:

The primary mission of xAI is to build an AI focused on understanding the universe, relentlessly probing the mysteries of the Cosmos and pursuing truth. Elon Musk believes an AI that is curious and truth-seeking is the safest path forward.

The team is on a mission to create AI tools and share them with the world, so that everyone can join the quest for knowledge and discovery. They are working hard to launch their products soon. Elon warned about the dangers of teaching AI to be politically correct or to lie. xAI will let its AI speak its mind, even if it causes controversy.

Are we ready to face a supreme intelligence that always speaks the truth? I’m not so sure… How will we cope with that?

The team stressed the need for AI to be based on reality and mathematical truth, not popularity. Current models are just copycats of their training data.An intelligence with no illusions about the Cosmos and darwinian limitations of perceiving reality. Fascinating!Elon thinks AI needs some healthy competition and #xAI can offer a different option from the big players like #Google#Microsoft and #OpenAI

They are passionate about pushing the boundaries of real world AI, not just playing with large language models. Therefore, besides Twitter’s public data (text, images, videos), they are working together with Tesla to create a win-win situation for both.Elon proposes that any human should have a say in xAI’s future, maybe by paying a small fee to prove they are human. They are open to constructive criticism to improve.

I believe that Elon dreams of a future where AI is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that everyone can join, with no central authority, and where decisions are made from the bottom up!

The goal is to give everyone access to AI to create more opportunities and advance society. The team is driven by a strong sense of mission.

Why I believe xAI’s vision is so important

Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) is coming, and it’s highly probable that it will be reached in our lifetimes. When that happens, we need to find a way to ensure that the wealth produced by ASI is distributed equally. This wealth should not belong to any individual or entity, nor should it be controlled by a single institution like a government or central bank.

hand place on digital earth. the earth has laptops on and the word DAO written.
Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) are the perfect way to achieve this goal. DAOs are organizations that are run by code (based on blockchain technology), not by people. This means that they are not subject to the same corruption and greed that plague traditional institutions. DAOs are also transparent and accountable, so everyone can see how the wealth is being distributed.

In a DAO, the governing body is the collective group of human participants. This means that everyone has a say in how the organization is run. This is in stark contrast to traditional institutions, where power is concentrated in the hands of a few individuals.

I believe that DAOs are the best way to ensure that the wealth produced by ASI is distributed equally. They are transparent, accountable, and democratic. They are the future of governance, and they are the key to a just and equitable society. It seems that they are also at the foundation of xAI.

PS. You may listen to the full recording of the Twitter Space here.