Build a powerful loyalty program and offer a unique Customer Experience

When comes to rewards you can increase customer engagement by allowing your loyal customers to redeem their points for the reward of their choice.

Pobuca helps you exceed the rewarding options, involving other partners in the reward system, alongside customers. Offer them participation in special events, exclusive services, discounts, exchange of loyalty currencies with other brands, and other actions throughout the customer journey.

What we offer

We offer an online reward marketplace and in-store experiences where your customers could:

Exchange Loyalty

Customers may redeem their points to 3rd party brands.

Gain personalized gift cards

Customers can receive tailor-made to their preferences gifts.

Redeem options of local or international experiences

Offer a variety of options like sports events, travels, etc.

Offer your customer virtual currency in a digital wallet

Provide the option to spend it through a partner’s network.

Why rewarding via marketplace

To maximize the lifetime value of every customer you should increase their engagement to remain active members of your loyalty program.

Flexible rewards redemption is an area with potential for further innovation and differentiation that will keep ahead of the competition.

When you offer to your customers’ rewarding options that better match their personalized preferences, it helps your business to:

improve your brand visibility – everywhere your customer’s shop – collaborate with partners in new strategic locations and markets and stay present in your customer’s mind,

decrease the costs of customer acquisition and retention – partner with complementary brands to allow their members to join your loyalty program,

accelerate earn velocity – stimulate higher frequency and larger basket sizes- give customers the choice of earning the points they want, and the ability to exchange for something of emotional interest,

enhance the customer 360° view – understand customers’ behavior with your brand and with other brands, capture more customer data and discover new insights, obtain data from partners about customer frequency or products purchased to reveal lifestyle preferences,

become a “loyalty hub” in your customers’ minds – making them feel that when they buy more from your business, they will be rewarded in a broader area of brands that are related to your core offering.