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Pobuca introduces Customer Voice & Knowledge, two new SaaS solutions based on Artificial Intelligence that help B2C businesses improve their customer experiences.

Pobuca announces two new solutions for its platform, Pobuca Customer Voice & Pobuca Knowledge. The retail industry generates 40 Petabytes of data per hour worldwide and most of this is unstructured customer data. Using Artificial Intelligence and NLU (Natural Language Understanding) technology, Pobuca analyzes customer dialogues across all touchpoints (call center, emails, social, chat messages) and draws useful conclusions for the marketing & customer service departments. 

Pobuca’s new solutions utilize existing information in order for the customer to finally get a better experience. In the first phase, dialogues in Greek and English are supported, while Spanish and Bulgarian languages ​​will soon be added due to already ongoing agreements on international projects.
Pobuca Customer Voice aims at the marketing departments of medium and large B2C companies, enabling the analysis of customer feedback in natural language.  It addresses the challenge to “listen” and analyze what customers say in natural language and across any channel,to categorize them in a database  and to send notifications about their satisfaction or possible problems in the experience (CX alerts). In this way, the marketing department identifies the customers who need more engagement on a daily basis, in order to strengthen their loyalty. The cost of Pobuca Customer Voice starts from 900 € / month for analyzing up to 5000 dialogues.

Pobuca Knowledge is aimed at customer support departments that serve a large number of consumers. Analyzing with artificial intelligence what customers say in natural language, creates knowledge databases (Knowledge Bases) which can be used by people and customer service bots. This solves the problem of disseminating the knowledge that customer support departments have, but also helps their employees to understand where they need to improve, in order to offer a better experience to customers. The cost of Pobuca Customer Voice starts from 400 € / month for analyzing up to 5000 dialogues.
“Enriching the Pobuca platform with new AI-based solutions is our strategic decision in our quest to establish ourselves at the top of Customer Experience (CX) technologies globally. Our goal is for each new function to be offered independently with the Software as a Service (SaaS) model and Pobuca Customer Voice & Knowledge to follow this model. In this way, in addition to the fact that it is easier to sell abroad, we create and acquire a channel to attract new potential customers (leads) of the Pobuca platform through the trial versions of our applications (trials) “, said Mr. Isidoros Sideridis, CEO of Pobuca.