Pobuca amongst the sponsors and participants in the completed CX Summit 2021

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Pobuca took part in the CX Summit 2021 by Boussias Communications, with the CEO of the company amongst the keynote speakers on the contribution of artificial intelligence tools to the optimization of the user experience.

Athens, February 2, 2021 – The CX summit 2021 by Boussias Communications was completed on Thursday, January 28, with Pobuca among the sponsors and its CEO, Isidoros Sideridis of the presenting speakers. 

In its presentation under the title “Leveraging AI to analyze customer feedback’’. I. Sideridis presented the company’s solutions, Pobuca Customer Voice and Pobuca Knowledge, has also elaborated on the ways in which the processing power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can unleash the new potential in the optimization of CX solutions, for the benefit of consumers, as well as the brands. 

The main points of the presentation and the discussion that followed were 


  • The need to utilize all touchpoints with consumers across all channels (omnichannel approach) 
  • AI’s contribution to the optimization of the processing and analysis of data resulting from the interactions with the consumers via telephone, email, chats, and social media, along the process of leveraging AI to extract useful insights and CX alerts. 
  • Response automation and improved business 


“We wish to thank Boussias Communications for the successful organization of CX Summit 2021 and the honor that was made for us to participate as sponsors, as well as speakers, being given the opportunity to present our solutions Pobuca Customer Voice and Pobuca Knowledge and to analyze the ways in which the processing power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can open new avenues in optimizing CX solutions. As the key parameter for CX optimization remains the interaction with consumers, the processing and analysis power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools enable us to listen concurrently, as well as converse with millions, automating at the same time our responses based on their feedback, an approach that lies at the core of Pobuca ‘s solutions and is our strategic direction in the years to come “, said Mr. Isidoros Sideridis, CEO of Pobuca. 

About Pobuca 

Pobuca (formerly SiEBEN) is a scale-up CRM software provider. In its 20 years of operation, it provides a wide range of services, including consulting and technical implementation of its solutions, as well as further support to digitally transform its customers and increase their sales. Headquartered in London and with a presence in other countries such as Argentina, Poland, and the UAE, the company currently employs a workforce of 110, 40 of whom are developers, while is expected to expand to Cyprus and other Latin American markets soon. The company has been awarded as  “Microsoft Country Partner” in 2016 and 2011 and is included in Microsoft’s AI innovators as well as a “Gold Partner”. Pobuca is a model of a fast-growing company that thanks to its excellent investment prospects, managed in a very short time and in the midst of a financial crisis to raise large sums of funding amounting to € 7 million since 2016.