Measure & improve CX beyond surveys

Measure and improve beyond surveys webinar

Go beyond surveys in measuring CX and make use of the data you already collect in each customer interaction.

Join our webinar on June 28th, to discover the CX landscape, the importance of measuring CX beyond surveys, and successful CX case studies. 
89% of retailers to measure CX rely on email surveys & do a poor job of tapping unstructured data and unsolicited VoC. Recent advancements in AI technology allow us to analyze what customers say at every touchpoint and extract valuable insights regarding their experience with your brand.
With Pobuca you solve the top 2 CX project priorities (according to Gartner); leverage VoC to measure CX & Loyalty and see where you stand over the industry benchmarks.

*The webinar will be conducted in Greek.


 Watch the webinar: