Kickstart 2021 with Customer Voice

Pobuca’s Customer Voice

2021 has arrived unevenly as it seems, and has to carry 2020’s pendings on its shoulders while getting things back to the new normality double pace at the same time. Amongst the great many things that are anticipated, 2021 is expected to be bringing the consumers back closer to the brands once again, making sure that businesses stay well connected to the end customers.

And it’s all about putting your customers at the heart of digital strategy, to put it plainly, it is finding all the right ways to listen to their needs, by collecting insights through their own words, that could help brands understand the kind of customer experience that they are delivering. 

And yes, rather than a ‘’nice-have’’, it is absolutely essential for surviving in fast-paced markets and keeping a competitive advantage and it all comes under a name…Customer Voice.

What about Customer Voice?

Customer Voice is the right tool that will help businesses ask all the right questions and drive their customer-driven transformation, feeding valuable insights across all digital assets. While analytics may be telling you what is happening on your website or in your conversion funnels, Customer Voice helps you understand why, so that you can build better products, deliver better services, and improve your customer experience to adapt to your customer’s evolving needs and foster loyalty. 

So, what are Feedback Management Solutions offering to achieve this? Feedback management apps such as Pobuca’s Customer Voice can help organizations:

Bring the voice of customers closer, becoming more proactive and resilient to crises.

Monitor, assess, and analyze structured and unstructured feedback and turn big data into actionable insights and reports.

Share insights across the organization, act quickly on insights and monitor progress continuously.

3 steps to turn the Voice of Customer into a great CX

Here are the 3 steps that the Customer Voice solution takes to make a full, omnichannel Customer Experience materialize: 

-Know your customers: Identify your customers and make the right segmentation based on their demographics and preferences.

-Collect and process feedback: Collect customer feedback from all available touchpoints, process it, and make the most out of it.

-Turn feedback into valuable insights: Extract actionable insights out of the already available customer feedback on how to improve CX.

How Pobuca Experience Cloud’s Voice of Customer will help your brand

And this is how solutions like Pobuca’s Customer Voice will help you enhance your brand, keep customers happy, and optimize your processes:

Personalization: Providing personalized and insightful customer experience through customer segmentation.

Real-time feedback: Engaging with customers more effectively by understanding what drives their satisfaction at the moment, based on auto-response triggers and customized dashboards.

Enhancing brand: Identifying and leveraging potential ambassadors that would enhance the brand’s footprint.

Resilience: Setting early alerts and notifications on potential crises, improving proactiveness and resilience.

Processes & cost optimization: Optimizing marketing campaigns and CS service, reducing costs induced from complaint management.

Customer retention: Running campaigns, overseeing processes, analyzing data, & conveying them to business knowledge.

So, what are the keys to building a Customer Voice feedback management solution for your needs? First, make sure that you gather customer insights across multiple touchpoints to make your data actionable through surveys, emails, chat transcripts, phone calls, social media interactions, etc. And then, translate the insights collected into clear business objectives that will help bridge the gap between customer expectations and the organization’s offerings.

To stay synched with your customers and really kickstart 2021, you will need to get started with a Customer Voice solution to help you have a holistic customer view and reposition your business on this ‘’new normality’’ of your customers’ needs. 

So, 2021 looks like the year to stop hearing and start listening up to their voices, are you ready?