Pobuca's new Loyalty Marketplace has arrived

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The new marketplace aspires to empower businesses with a wide network of channels and means of redeeming loyalty points, leveraging Pobuca's large customer network.

Athens, January 10, 2023 – Pobuca has announced the launch of its new Loyalty Marketplace, in yet another breakthrough for Pobuca. which establishes it at the top of SE Europe in Customer Experience (CX) and Loyalty solutions.

The new Loyalty platform is Pobuca’s proposal that aims to address the critical issue of unused redemption points, allowing businesses to benefit from a multi-level network of affiliations, through which loyalty program reward points will be redeemed or exchanged, strengthening, even more, the relationship of customers with their trusted brands.

With research findings confirming that loyalty program members who have recently redeemed points have 2.5 times higher levels of satisfaction than members who have never used their points, Pobuca Loyalty Marketplace has arrived to offer the following new features to businesses:

  • Exchange of points and members: allows businesses (exclusive or non-Pobuca partners) to create partnerships with complementary loyalty programs, offering their customers the possibility to join them and redeem points.
  • Access to gift catalog: Customers can redeem points on selected gifts from a rich catalog or participate in contests.
  • Cash redemption in cash: Customers can convert their points into cash through a digital wallet, which can then be used at any partnering business.
  • Donations to NGOs: customers can convert points into donations, strengthening corporate social responsibility.

To learn in detail about the capabilities of Pobuca Loyalty Marketplace, you can visit the dedicated section (www.pobuca.com/loyalty-marketplace) on the company’s website.