CRM refers to the software that is used by enterprises with all customer interactions for developing, retaining, and acquiring customers. It gathers and digitizes customer data from multiple channels. A CRM system mission is to help organizations build customer relationships and streamline processes.

Customer loyalty is not earned easily. Customers will be loyal to the company, as long as it helps them fulfill their goals. It doesn't matter if they have a positive history and a lasting relationship with your brand. If a competitor puts a better offer on the table, then the customer is going to take it.

Customer engagement is the sum of regular interactions, communications that could create a relationship between an organization and its customers, such as, regular content, social media interactions, community events, social gatherings, reviews and regular use of an app or a service.

So, what makes a customer experience a great one? Before getting into this, we might need to take a step back, that is to see what customer experience is really about, to start with. A common definition is that customer experience is the overall perception customers have of a brand, based on their interactions with it.

Most people will tell you that the most important thing in business is customer acquisition. And this can’t be wrong. Customer engagement is all about holding onto the customers you already have and all the steps you will be taking in the process of building a relationship with them.

This is an effort that entails the sum of your organization’s attention and commitment and a crystal-clear customer experience strategy that will position, align, and orientate all the stakeholders in the same direction. To be successful in the customer experience, you will need to make sure that you have covered critical angles.