Transforming speech analytics; from a high-level tipping tool to a customer experience disruptor

Transforming speech analytics

In their quest for an even better Customer Experience, customer-facing companies are starting to understand that their quest might not have to go that far. The abundance of customer information across countless interactions through all channels that took place is an unopened treasure, with all that customers think about how business is done.

Listening at scale

So, let’s say that you are already up to the challenge, ready to throw some serious resources onto it to process all the archived, as well as new, phone calls, emails, chats, reviews, and social posts of your customers while evaluating the responses of your people too.

Problem solved, right?

Nope, as you would be still left with another one, maybe, even more, bigger, that is to make sure that you would remain unbiased across the process, something much harder than it looks.

Transforming speech analytics 1

Listening at scale is growing into a key differentiator that will define the best-in-class organizations in the years to come, as the cultural shift from a broadcast mindset to listening takes place and the ultimate objective is for the customer or employee to feel they were heard.

Leveraging data with the power of AI

This is where AI comes at hand, With the power of Artificial Intelligence, this hidden treasure of hidden dark data can be turned into a competitive advantage, with solutions such as the Pobuca Experience Cloud, that leverage AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing) to unlock it and understand what customers say in natural language, either voice or text.

Listening at scale is growing into a key differentiator that will define the best in class organizations in the years to come

By combining business know-how with technological expertise, putting processing power and unbiased assessment into the equation, Pobuca Experience Cloud goes beyond typical sentiment analysis, radically changing the customer experience that businesses can provide to consumers.

While most tools perform a basic sentiment analysis that can lead to misleading findings. Pobuca Experience Cloud combines business know-how with solid technological expertise to create a solution that radically changes the customer experience that businesses can provide to consumers, providing benefits like the following 

  1. High accuracy in understanding subject/emotion e.g. acknowledging the irony of a frustrated customer.

    By using text analysis with language-specific AI models, Pobuca algorithms analyze a given conversation in its original language, instead of translating it into another language (e.g. English) before the analysis. When a customer answers back ‘’Yes… sure.’’ to a CS agent, Pobuca can understand if this is expressed literally or in a form of irony out of frustration,making sure that this feeling is not being lost in…translation. As showcased below, a simple translation back and forth can miss the intended context.Transforming speech analysis-Yes,sureTransforming speech analysis-Yes,definitely
  2. Helping to assess your business concerning the competition.

    Getting back to your customer in 10 minutes might look quite good for you, but can you tell how this is compared to the competition? Pobuca benchmarks you against the competition and guides you along the way with insightful information on how to optimize your processes, as sometimes you can even be above your competitors but still have room for improvement, as the key findings show us below.Transforming speech analysis-Key findings

  3. Find dissatisfied customers proactively.

    Helping you go beyond the usual semantics, putting parameters as the tone of voice in the equation, Pobuca can assess the dissatisfaction in the tone of voice even if it does not appear in the words of the customer if you read them in text.Transforming speech analysis-Angry man

  4. Assessing the most important information for your business.

    How did the conversation end? Did the customer get what he wanted? And not just the customer’s feelings. This information can help you make substantial changes to your customer’s customer experience. While most solutions perform only sentiment analysis or even topic categorization, Pobuca reaches a greater depth of comprehension, giving you important details about a conversation, focusing on customer support conversational data between agent/client, and detecting advanced features such as Conversation Outcome, Service Quality, Agent Formality, etc.Transforming speech analysis-Anonymous

  5. Privacy and Compliance.

     Anonymization of data and data protection, as well as compliance with the regulations of each industry, locality are of the utmost importance for Pobuca, instead of the typical language-agnostic Pobuca uses a language-specific language-specific model to identify sensitive information and assess assets accordingly for the protection of the customer.Transforming speech analysis-GreatingsTransforming speech analysis-Greatings2

The outcome brings exceptional value to marketing and customer service execs, with zero friction or stress for the customers, by:

  • analyzing all customer communications at every touchpoint (phone, email, chat, social, reviews).

  • assessing CX and Loyalty metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Loyalty Index (CLI), and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).

  • analyzing customer feedback, builds Voice of Customer (VoC) insights, like a request for a new product or service.

  • listens to your customer service agents too, engaging them with feedback on how they could improve their business and sharing best practices from the most successful agents.

  • continuously analyzing customer questions and relevant answers enhances a knowledge base that could be used by human agents or bots.

The time to make “listening” part of the culture of your company is now, as recent advancements made it possible to unleash the full array of NLP features of Pobuca Experience Cloud; the data is already there, and AI will turn them into insights with Pobuca Experience Cloud, combining domain and technical expertise to provide a solution that changes the way business is done.

It’s like having a superhuman with the capacity to understand all your customers.

If you come and think of it AI has arrived to make your business more, rather than less, human. It’s like having a superhuman with the capacity to understand all your customers and extract all this useful information that can upscale your Customer Experience to what your customers want.