Pobuca Experience Cloud can turn you into a CX leader

Pobuca Experience Cloud can turn you into a CX leader

With Customer Experience evolving into one of the key differentiators for business, a Customer Experience strategy to create the best possible customer experience must stay at the forefront of your priorities.

About Customer Experience

While Customer Service (CS) is focused on a specific part of the customer interaction with a brand, Customer Experience (CX) can be only regarded as a holistic process across the customer journey, crossing also all silos and departmental borders within the organization.

To go a step further, CS can itself be seen as a key part of the overall Customer Experience, as an integral part of your business in keeping customers happy and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

Customer Experience (CX) on the other hand encompasses CS and trajects it to the sum of customer touchpoints, like the UI in registrations or payment procedures or even internal training within the organization, including social media interactions and the feedback of friends and family who have used your products.

How to build your CX Strategy

Having identified the sum of touchpoints and interactions you want to measure and improve, creating a system to do this is the next step. This is where most companies turn to CX software, the systems to record and action for experience data. CX platforms are the right tools for companies to measure, report, analyze and take action on the human feedback from customers, such as the Pobuca Experience Cloud that can help you start measuring CX beyond surveys, by AI-listening to your customers. targeting your efforts on what matters to improve your CX 

The right software for your CX

With the right tool as Pobuca Experience Cloud, you can be laser-focused on what matters the most for your business, design your strategy and then use technology to improve CX at every touchpoint. You will get immediate and individual signals to take action “at the moment” and to create relevant experiences for each customer, while you will be demonstrated which experience enhancements will result in positive ROI.

Optimizing your CX with a tool such as Pobuca Experience Cloud can be one thing and it is surely the first step along your ongoing, never-ending quest for a great CX. Staying ahead is also another, to be accomplished by state-of-the-art technologies that your CX solution offers, such as predictive and AI-powered Voice & Text analytics. 

Designing great CX with predictive analytics.

Knowing what your customers think of your company and products hasn’t changed from being the top priority, but how the information is captured and analyzed  to understand customers has, with the rise of predictive analytics, as survey-based systems can no longer meet the demands of today’s companies and this is why:

  • a mere 7% of the customer’s voice is represented by surveys
  • only 15% of CX leaders are fully satisfied with how their company is measuring CX and how much this allows them to address the root causes of performance. 
  • only 6% of C-level execs trust their CX metrics for strategic & tactical decision-making

According to Gartner, CX metrics & KPIs and Voice of Customer insights are the top-2 project priorities for CX leaders. No surprise here, as you can’t improve what you don’t measure. However, according to a McKinsey study, 93% of CX leaders are using survey-based metrics, while only 15% of them said they were fully satisfied with how their company was measuring CX, and only 6% percent expressed confidence that their measurement system enables both strategic and tactical decision making.

AI-Powered Voice & Text Analytics

The reality is that companies are awash in customer feedback. Every call recording, chat log, and email into the Contact Center is filled with information about the Customer Experience, including the way those experiences make the customer feel. Similarly, customers are putting their feelings about their experiences on social media and in product reviews. Historically, however, these sources of customer feedback have been wasted, because it takes a lot of time and energy to manually read them and come up with trends and patterns. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is opening new and more effective ways to analyze the customer experience by “listening” to what customers say.

Advances in AI-powered text analytics like Natural Language Understanding and emotion analysis allow CX organizations to mine unstructured customer feedback. By pairing the structured and unstructured forms of customer experience data together in your analysis, you’ve got all the ingredients you need to understand what’s driving your customers’ interactions with your brand, in terms of CX & Loyalty metrics, Voice of Customer insights, Evaluating Customer Service, Segmenting your customers, Pairing AI-powered analytics with surveys

Finding the right Customer Experience platform to measure, report, analyze and take action on customers feedback, is the first thing that every business should do, to stay competitive.

Pobuca Experience Cloud can help you accomplish this and even more turn you into CX leaders, by helping you start measuring CX beyond surveys, by AI-listening to your customers. targeting your efforts on what matters to improve your CX.

Start measuring CX beyond surveys now:https://cx.pobuca.com/signup