As the Digital Era keeps pushing us away from the traditional product-oriented models to customer-driven business approaches, Customer Experience (CX) grows into a key factor for business growth and success. Whether beginners or CX professionals, this is a glossary with all the terms that you will be needing along with the implementation of the right CX journey for your customers.

Customer loyalty occurs when a customer prefers a particular company consistently over its competitors. When customers are loyal, their buying decision is not influenced by the price or availability, as they would rather wait or pay more to get the same quality they are familiar with.

If there is anything that the pandemic has brought to the business, is an abrupt digital acceleration; businesses that are better digitized are the ones that find themselves in a better position to move forward, than the traditional ones. Some say that we have “ a 10-year evolutionary leap toward digital” in retailing and this is a statement that looks to be very close to the truth.

While a loyalty program can boost your business, choosing the right platform is the one that would bring in your results. To make sure that you can choose the best loyalty platform for your brand, you should take into consideration the needs of your business as well as your customers’.

Most people will tell you that the most important thing in business is customer acquisition. And up to a point, this can’t be wrong. That is until you put customer engagement into your business equation. Customer engagement is all about holding onto the customers you already have and all the steps you will be taking in the process of building a relationship with them.

Today’s companies are challenged with keeping up with the needs and demands of their employees and it seems that their greatest struggle isn’t recruiting talent but instead retaining and engaging them. Employees today seek a sense of purpose that is no longer satisfied by a paycheck alone.